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If you would like to have Ramona Wink speak to your group or at your event/conference, please contact us to book your date today. The message that Ramona brings will be personilized and customized-God's message for your group! Speaking fees are reasonable and negotiable. 

Listen to what Herman Bailey has to say:  “God is not boring” -- Ramona Wink ‘got the memo’.

After our interview on national television, Ramona’s gift of communication and her vulnerability on a personal level opened the window for many watching to see God’s hand on her life.

I highly recommend Ramona Wink for your next Christian conference or television program. She is an interviewer’s dream."

Herman Bailey, Host, Executive Producer, Christian Television Network

Ramona Wink - Christian Television Host, Speaker, Spiritual Coach, Author
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M. Ramona Wink - Host of Walk The Walk Christian television program and Christian speaker.
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